Change of Plans

There has been a huge change in our plans. May 31st was supposed to be the departure date for Ecuador. All the preparations had been made, including all the government documents for our dog, J.R. to enter Ecuador. HOWEVER, God had different plans for us…

As we stood in the special line for people who want to ship their pets in cargo and other specialties (problems) that took about an hour, we presented our bags to be checked. The Customer Service Rep (CSR) checked our bags, with no problem. He validated J.R.’s USDA paperwork. Then it came to checking the dog. J.R. was denied boarding because the is some regulation that prohibits pets from being in cargo if the ground temperature at your lay-over is above 85 degrees. I realize it is for his safety. This is Florida! Where in Florida, during the summer are you gonna find an airport where the ground temperature is below 85 degrees? By this time we missed our flight.

So we began brainstorming ideas that would allow us to get our sweet boy to Ecuador. None of which were reasonable. Additionally, we were dropped off at the Orlando so we had no way to reschedule our flight and take him to someone who could care of him. So we stayed at the Hyatt at the airport, hoping we could fly out at 6:30 AM. That meant we had to be in the same long line at 4:30 AM. Again he was denied boarding, because the forecasted temperature in Miami (lay-over) would be above 85 degrees. Needless to say, we were devastated! I cried most of that evening. We had to find transportation back to Titusville.

After selling our house in preparation for this trip, we purchased an RV (used motor home) to live in upon our return. BUT, it was not ready. The fuel line and sensors had to be replaced. It needed tires, etc, etc. We have been homeless since our return to Titusville on June 1st. We have stayed in hotels, friends’ campers, and campers at the dealership. I truly believe God is pruning us to do his work. Maybe not in Ecuador, maybe somewhere else. God only knows. Whatever comes of all of this, I know God will be glorified. The CASA’s Children’s Bible Club in Cuenca, has now ended. Our plans are in the hands of a Sovereign God.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that God’s will be done
  • Pray that God be glorified
  • Pray that the repairs on the RV be completed SOON.


Slight Plan Changes….God Speaks!

After speaking with our church leadership today and going before God in prayer, we have decided to shorten our trip to 3 months then returning to partake in a qualified training program. Then, God willing, we will go on to other places or return to Ecuador. We feel it is in our best interest to heed the counsel of our church leadership,one who just returned from Ecuador. We want to make sure that the Gospel is not compromised. There are situations in Ecuador that may make it difficult for us to stay longer that 90 days.

To those who have donated to our start up costs, you are such a blessing to us. We will be using your donations toward our 3 month stay. At this time we are suspending our fundraising, as we have more than enough to help us get set up for 3 months.

Please know, that we have not changed our minds about serving God around the world. We are committed to that, but want to make sure we are “doing it right”. God will see us through and bring the right people into our life so that He is glorified, because that is our focus…to glorify our God and share His love through the Gospel.

So…we are still very excited about going down, but now we are also excited to go through training.

Stay tuned for our updates!!!


God’s Perfect Timing…

We, humans, try to control our destiny, our path…and we want it to happen NOW. I’m guilty of it myself, but when I let God take control things start happening! Shortly after returning from our short trip to Indiana, we put our home in Florida on the market. 48 hours later we had an offer! It was a lot of work, but we got it done. Our closing is scheduled for May 19th. Now we have an approximate move date.

We will be traveling to Cuenca in mid-April to look for housing. This will be Dan’s first trip. I want to take him to see some of the sights, maybe take the bus tour, if it isn’t raining. It is currently the Rainy season down there. I hear it’s been raining for weeks and rather muddy.

God has been so good to us! We have received a few monetary gifts from friends, that have helped us be able to take this pre-trip. We are blessed to have great friends and fellow believers who have taken interest in our vision. God has blessed us beyond anything we can comprehend.

We are in the final stages of clearing out the house. There is very little furniture left. Pretty much everything that is left, that is not spoken for, will either go into storage for our return or go with us.

I have tried to be in control of my destiny at times throughout all of this, and I have wanted things to go according to my time schedule frequently, but God is sovereign. His timing is perfect! And when he moves, stand back!

To God be the Glory!

Back Here in Florida

In my last post, I shared that our house back in Indiana had finally sold. Well…we are putting our house here in central Florida up for sale. Our Real Estate Broker neighborhoodthinks that due to our location and how fast things are selling in our  area. We could probably get full listing price! Yippee! That is very encouraging!


We have scheduled our first Yard Sale to begin the liquidation of our household Items. Holy cow! We have so much stuff!! We have decided not to price anything garage_sale_signand sell stuff for reasonable donations. I pray to God that He will bring serious buyers.  I’m at the point where we have no more room in our garage and still have a lot of stuff to get rid of. In fact, we are going to hold a couple of impromptu sales before the official one.


Prayer Points:

  • Pray that we continue to trust God and not become overwhelmed with what needs doing
  • Pray for financial backing
  • Pray that we can get rid of our stuff. woman-prays-outdoors
  • Pray that our current house sells quickly.
  • Pray that the citizens of Cuenca come to know the Lord personally.

To God be the Glory…forever

God Bless You




3 Strands

Great News!!!

We have some GREAT news!


Our God is so faithful!! We have been trying to sell our house back in our home state since 2010. Well, not exactly, but it seems like it. Due to a job change, we had to move to another state. We put our house on the market back in 2010. Unfortunately the housing market had taken a dive in 2009 and hadn’t recovered by the time we needed to relocate. So my husband went on ahead of me, and I stayed behind to sell the house. house


A YEAR LATER, our house had still not sold, so we decided to rent it out because we couldn’t afford two mortgages. Our Real Estate Company also had a property management division, so we went that route for 5-6 years. When God impressed upon our hearts to go to Ecuador, we called our Broker and told him it was imperative that the house sell right away. Fortunately the housing market had recovered enough that it was now possible.


The house went back on the market in October 2016. Remember, our target date for our move to Ecuador is March 2017. On Monday evening of this week, I got a call from our Broker. I didn’t know it was him. I didn’t recognize the phone number, but the caller ID said the name of our hometown. We were eating dinner with friends, and I said, “That’s interesting it’s from Greenwood. I don’t know who it is, but if it’s important, they will leave a message,” and I put my phone back in my pocket. Moments later my phone indicated that I have a voicemail. “Ooo, wouldn’t it be nice if it was Mo with an offer?”, I remarked. So, I listened to the voice message. Lo and behold, it was Mo, and he did have an offer!!


woman-thumbs-upWe called Mo back the next morning to discuss the offer, and we accepted!! There were times that we  questioned if it would ever sell. At those times, we doubted God and His timing. We were starting to get nervous because our move date was getting closer and closer. But praise be to our God and Father in heaven! His ways are higher than our ways (Isa. 55:8-9). He works things out for those who love Him (Rom 8:28).  Why do we as humans, doubt Him? When will we learn this lesson. Persevere and Trust…


When was a time you doubted God? 

Share your story in the comments below.


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Black History Month


Working Toward the Move

Over the past few months, Dan & I have been working to declutter our house. I am having a really hard time 1. finding time and 2. taking on new tasks. I am currently working to prioritize my days, but that seems to get shoved to the back burner. I may just have too many tasks going on at one time… I am going to have to ask my personal organizer to come help me. I feel like I am drowning in this task. It’s not a little task. The most daunting room in this house is my craft room! There is so much stuff! But I need to remember I am doing it to glorify God.

However, on a good note we have scheduled our Garage Sale. It will run for two weekends, because everything has to go!

Open Bible

I have started a new Bible Study on Intentional Living. No, I haven’t read the book by John Maxwell, but would like to. I just ran across a Pinterest post that was about how to live your life in such a way that you are always focused on Christ. I think I have done that most of my life, but I know there have been times when my focus was not where it should be. I have since found many websites that are about living an Intentional Christian life. Many written by women. They have really been a great help in getting my priorities and goals with keeping Christ as my focus.

If you are interested  in finding out more visit Goals with Grace  and Intentional by Grace. Although the author if Intentional by Grace is no longer posting, the website is still up and has a plethora if resources and information. I encourage you to check these out.

Prayer Requests

  • pray that our houses sell quickly
  • pray for our garage sale
  • pray for our support letter campaign
  • pray that God’s will be done

As always, to God be the glory!

Jan & Dan

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