Change of Plans

There has been a huge change in our plans. May 31st was supposed to be the departure date for Ecuador. All the preparations had been made, including all the government documents for our dog, J.R. to enter Ecuador. HOWEVER, God had different plans for us…

As we stood in the special line for people who want to ship their pets in cargo and other specialties (problems) that took about an hour, we presented our bags to be checked. The Customer Service Rep (CSR) checked our bags, with no problem. He validated J.R.’s USDA paperwork. Then it came to checking the dog. J.R. was denied boarding because the is some regulation that prohibits pets from being in cargo if the ground temperature at your lay-over is above 85 degrees. I realize it is for his safety. This is Florida! Where in Florida, during the summer are you gonna find an airport where the ground temperature is below 85 degrees? By this time we missed our flight.

So we began brainstorming ideas that would allow us to get our sweet boy to Ecuador. None of which were reasonable. Additionally, we were dropped off at the Orlando so we had no way to reschedule our flight and take him to someone who could care of him. So we stayed at the Hyatt at the airport, hoping we could fly out at 6:30 AM. That meant we had to be in the same long line at 4:30 AM. Again he was denied boarding, because the forecasted temperature in Miami (lay-over) would be above 85 degrees. Needless to say, we were devastated! I cried most of that evening. We had to find transportation back to Titusville.

After selling our house in preparation for this trip, we purchased an RV (used motor home) to live in upon our return. BUT, it was not ready. The fuel line and sensors had to be replaced. It needed tires, etc, etc. We have been homeless since our return to Titusville on June 1st. We have stayed in hotels, friends’ campers, and campers at the dealership. I truly believe God is pruning us to do his work. Maybe not in Ecuador, maybe somewhere else. God only knows. Whatever comes of all of this, I know God will be glorified. The CASA’s Children’s Bible Club in Cuenca, has now ended. Our plans are in the hands of a Sovereign God.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that God’s will be done
  • Pray that God be glorified
  • Pray that the repairs on the RV be completed SOON.


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