Slight Plan Changes….God Speaks!

After speaking with our church leadership today and going before God in prayer, we have decided to shorten our trip to 3 months then returning to partake in a qualified training program. Then, God willing, we will go on to other places or return to Ecuador. We feel it is in our best interest to heed the counsel of our church leadership,one who just returned from Ecuador. We want to make sure that the Gospel is not compromised. There are situations in Ecuador that may make it difficult for us to stay longer that 90 days.

To those who have donated to our start up costs, you are such a blessing to us. We will be using your donations toward our 3 month stay. At this time we are suspending our fundraising, as we have more than enough to help us get set up for 3 months.

Please know, that we have not changed our minds about serving God around the world. We are committed to that, but want to make sure we are “doing it right”. God will see us through and bring the right people into our life so that He is glorified, because that is our focus…to glorify our God and share His love through the Gospel.

So…we are still very excited about going down, but now we are also excited to go through training.

Stay tuned for our updates!!!



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