God’s Perfect Timing…

We, humans, try to control our destiny, our path…and we want it to happen NOW. I’m guilty of it myself, but when I let God take control things start happening! Shortly after returning from our short trip to Indiana, we put our home in Florida on the market. 48 hours later we had an offer! It was a lot of work, but we got it done. Our closing is scheduled for May 19th. Now we have an approximate move date.

We will be traveling to Cuenca in mid-April to look for housing. This will be Dan’s first trip. I want to take him to see some of the sights, maybe take the bus tour, if it isn’t raining. It is currently the Rainy season down there. I hear it’s been raining for weeks and rather muddy.

God has been so good to us! We have received a few monetary gifts from friends, that have helped us be able to take this pre-trip. We are blessed to have great friends and fellow believers who have taken interest in our vision. God has blessed us beyond anything we can comprehend.

We are in the final stages of clearing out the house. There is very little furniture left. Pretty much everything that is left, that is not spoken for, will either go into storage for our return or go with us.

I have tried to be in control of my destiny at times throughout all of this, and I have wanted things to go according to my time schedule frequently, but God is sovereign. His timing is perfect! And when he moves, stand back!

To God be the Glory!


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