Back Here in Florida

In my last post, I shared that our house back in Indiana had finally sold. Well…we are putting our house here in central Florida up for sale. Our Real Estate Broker neighborhoodthinks that due to our location and how fast things are selling in our  area. We could probably get full listing price! Yippee! That is very encouraging!


We have scheduled our first Yard Sale to begin the liquidation of our household Items. Holy cow! We have so much stuff!! We have decided not to price anything garage_sale_signand sell stuff for reasonable donations. I pray to God that He will bring serious buyers.  I’m at the point where we have no more room in our garage and still have a lot of stuff to get rid of. In fact, we are going to hold a couple of impromptu sales before the official one.


Prayer Points:

  • Pray that we continue to trust God and not become overwhelmed with what needs doing
  • Pray for financial backing
  • Pray that we can get rid of our stuff. woman-prays-outdoors
  • Pray that our current house sells quickly.
  • Pray that the citizens of Cuenca come to know the Lord personally.

To God be the Glory…forever

God Bless You




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