Great News!!!

We have some GREAT news!


Our God is so faithful!! We have been trying to sell our house back in our home state since 2010. Well, not exactly, but it seems like it. Due to a job change, we had to move to another state. We put our house on the market back in 2010. Unfortunately the housing market had taken a dive in 2009 and hadn’t recovered by the time we needed to relocate. So my husband went on ahead of me, and I stayed behind to sell the house. house


A YEAR LATER, our house had still not sold, so we decided to rent it out because we couldn’t afford two mortgages. Our Real Estate Company also had a property management division, so we went that route for 5-6 years. When God impressed upon our hearts to go to Ecuador, we called our Broker and told him it was imperative that the house sell right away. Fortunately the housing market had recovered enough that it was now possible.


The house went back on the market in October 2016. Remember, our target date for our move to Ecuador is March 2017. On Monday evening of this week, I got a call from our Broker. I didn’t know it was him. I didn’t recognize the phone number, but the caller ID said the name of our hometown. We were eating dinner with friends, and I said, “That’s interesting it’s from Greenwood. I don’t know who it is, but if it’s important, they will leave a message,” and I put my phone back in my pocket. Moments later my phone indicated that I have a voicemail. “Ooo, wouldn’t it be nice if it was Mo with an offer?”, I remarked. So, I listened to the voice message. Lo and behold, it was Mo, and he did have an offer!!


woman-thumbs-upWe called Mo back the next morning to discuss the offer, and we accepted!! There were times that we  questioned if it would ever sell. At those times, we doubted God and His timing. We were starting to get nervous because our move date was getting closer and closer. But praise be to our God and Father in heaven! His ways are higher than our ways (Isa. 55:8-9). He works things out for those who love Him (Rom 8:28).  Why do we as humans, doubt Him? When will we learn this lesson. Persevere and Trust…


When was a time you doubted God? 

Share your story in the comments below.


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