Working Toward the Move

Over the past few months, Dan & I have been working to declutter our house. I am having a really hard time 1. finding time and 2. taking on new tasks. I am currently working to prioritize my days, but that seems to get shoved to the back burner. I may just have too many tasks going on at one time… I am going to have to ask my personal organizer to come help me. I feel like I am drowning in this task. It’s not a little task. The most daunting room in this house is my craft room! There is so much stuff! But I need to remember I am doing it to glorify God.

However, on a good note we have scheduled our Garage Sale. It will run for two weekends, because everything has to go!

Open Bible

I have started a new Bible Study on Intentional Living. No, I haven’t read the book by John Maxwell, but would like to. I just ran across a Pinterest post that was about how to live your life in such a way that you are always focused on Christ. I think I have done that most of my life, but I know there have been times when my focus was not where it should be. I have since found many websites that are about living an Intentional Christian life. Many written by women. They have really been a great help in getting my priorities and goals with keeping Christ as my focus.

If you are interested  in finding out more visit Goals with Grace  and Intentional by Grace. Although the author if Intentional by Grace is no longer posting, the website is still up and has a plethora if resources and information. I encourage you to check these out.

Prayer Requests

  • pray that our houses sell quickly
  • pray for our garage sale
  • pray for our support letter campaign
  • pray that God’s will be done

As always, to God be the glory!

Jan & Dan

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