Sharing Christ’s Love with the World

Greetings! We are Dan& Jan Smith. Last July, while visiting family in Indiana, God impressed upon my (Jan) heart that I needed to be working with Latin American children. To me, that meant “Go to Latin America“. After discussing the matter with my husband, I called a missionary friend who is currently working in pastor training in Ecuador to find out what the first step was to serving God in another country.During that conversation, my friend suggested that we move down to Ecuador. Funny thing, I didn’t even think about that!

So we have decided to go to Ecuador for a year. I figure if I am going to say “yes” to God, I was going to commit more than a couple of weeks. I decided I was all in!

In September, Dan had unexpected triple bypass surgery. He is still in cardiac rehab twice a week, but the therapists are thinking about graduating him early! Praise God for his faithfulness! To God be the glory!

So now that Dan is feeling great, and the holidays are over, we are on the fast track to getting everything sold including getting both of our homes. I have begun to construct support letters (which I will be posting here a little later on). I took a week in early adobe-spark1November to go down to Ecuador as a pre-trip. Dan was not able to go due to his health. It was just too soon for him. We hope that we can take a short trip in early March so Dan can see Cuenca, (the city in which we will live) and also to find an apartment. If it in God’s plan, we hope to move at the end of March, but we are also realistic. I will let you know if that happens. I will be posting pictures from my pre-trip shortly.

To God be the Glory!

Until next time,

Dan & Jan





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